The ability to effectively brand is what separates Startup Street from many other agencies.  Branding is the combination of positioning and emotion, conveyed through marketing.  It’s part art and part science.  And it can make all the difference in your company. 

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Monaco Salon

Bringing out the brand for this fantastic company consisted of high energy video content for social media along with development Beyond Salon, the result of our “behind-the-scenes vlog concept". The series provided a platform to showcase the vivid hair transformations, the personalities of the stylists and also the opportunity to bring in social media influencers to participate as well. Our Branding Package played a large part in the company’s expansion.

Grizzly Targets

Through a combination of rebranding, video marketing and development of investment partnerships, Startup Street was able to not only reopen Grizzly’s doors (it had recently closed down) but became an industry leader all in the course of 18 months. Targetry in the industry was looked at as a commodity, so an exciting, tough and purpose-driven brand was developed that helped set the company apart. The custom Branding Package only offered by Startup Street was key to this.

Multi Tool Agent

Real estate agent Luis Pereiro needed to establish himself in the local real estate community, and what better way than establishing a legitimate brand. The Multi Tool Agent was created, which captures his do-whatever-it-takes work ethic and a fantastic website was built around that same feeling.

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