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Startup Street offers the most in depth business plans on the market.  Granted not every business creates one before opening, but the clarity they provide can prove critical. Especially once you are knee deep in running your business.

Each plan comes with a comprehensive breakdown of the following:

The Brand: It’s a crowded market place and determining what your brand means and how to convey that through your messaging is more critical than ever.

Operations: Who is going to do what?  And how will it get done?  These need to be understood from both a cost perspective along with time required.  How many of service/item X can we complete on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

Marketing: Detailed analysis of the marketing strategies including the costs per conversions (acquisition costs), channels to explore and campaigns to launch.  Everything including social media, email marketing, public relations and sales people.

Strategic Partnerships:  There are a lot of complimentary companies in your industry that you can provide value to, in order to get in front of their customers.  This is a win/win scenario and usually overlooked by startups.

Financials: EXTREMELY CRITICAL. Startup Street provides the most detailed financial forecasts of any company in order to achieve one of the following:

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HEre's what to expect...

1. Launch Meeting
3-5 Hour long meeting to get things started. Covering everything from company name to service costs. Every aspect of your business needs to be discussed. Client and Startup Street both have homework for the next meeting, scheduled two weeks later.
2. Meetings #2-3

Bi weekly-meetings to move closer towards completion with each side having more homework between.

3. Meeting #4

Final review of plan.

4. Completion

Plan finished and delivered.

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