Don’t Be “THAT GUY” On Social Media: 4 Personalities to Avoid At All Costs!

Don’t Be “THAT GUY” On Social Media: 4 Personalities to Avoid At All Costs!

Every business recognizes the rise of social media in business. Some choose to humor it, many ignore it, and most mess it up. That being said, we now introduce you to the four types of social media guys:


The Creeper

You know this business. They like their own posts, create their own reviews and just can’t help but chime in with obviously self induced comments directed back at their own content. You can spot this guy from a mile away on a business page. Customers have a sixth sense for fakeness on social media, you will get busted.

The Tweeker

One week you see them posting nonstop. The next they are gone. Its a nonstop barrage of many topics one minute, and then absolutely nothing the next. Consistency is key to showing that your business is consistent. If your page flow is all over the place, consumers will start to wonder the obvious next question “what else is scattered?”

The Shameless Salesman

Remember the friend who decided to start selling steak knives at the ever affordable $700 and pushed them on you at every chance? Don’t be that guy. Social media is a social experience. Obviously, if you are an entrepreneur marketplace type of guy, then you are going to talk business from time to time. But you can’t be a one track broken record. Just like in real life, you will wear people out and eventually just annoy them. Not to mention water down your image in the process. Find a way to pepper conversations with sales pitches, as opposed to just hammering away at everyone 24/7.

The Mime

This guy makes a huge commotion to get your attention. Flipping upside down, magic tricks, the whole nine yards. And got your attention. Then you ask a question and it’s just silence. Nothing. And you feel used. The Mime is great getting people’s hopes up only to then straight up ignore them once they have them. Quite rude if you ask me. If a customer asks you a question in a public setting, have the decency to give them a timely reply.


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