Lightning Transport Trusts Their Tampa Website Design To Startup Street

Lightning Transport trusted us in their Tampa Website Design and we rose to the challenge with excitement and determination to deliver an on target website that spoke to potential drivers to work for Lightning! Check it out!... FULL POST BELOW

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Lightning Transport & Logistics

Tampa Website Design is exactly what we do here at startup street.

Anytime we get hired for website design, it’s always an exciting journey into the company’s operations, marketing strategy, and (of course) the brand.  Our Tampa Website Design Company is a unique blend of creativity and business knowledge, and Startup Street prides itself on delivering both when the call comes.  We pride ourselves on being one of the top website design companies in Tampa, Florida and look forward to a long term relationship with Lightning Transport & Logistics.

Since Lightning Transport is a forward thinking logistics and transportation company, they were in dire need of an online presence and a functioning website that mirrored their tech forward thinking!  They found us here at Startup Street and quickly realized, due to our website development portfolio, that we were the right people for the job at hand!  We create stunning visuals, on target branding and exciting websites that they were looking for.

So after our initial sit down (or zoom) meeting with Lightning, we discovered a few major project development points that we would focus on. Their focus internally is to hire new drivers to join their team and wanted to showcase the process in which they do so.  This was a lot of fun because we learned that they have a state of the art simulator that we have never seen before and became very excited to learn all about it. Secondly, the company wanted to hammer home their branding, as their offices here in Tampa are something straight out of silicon valley!  Absolutely beautiful!

On top of these two major points, we wanted to add some functionality flare and utilize a translation aspect to the site using a great plugin from google. The guys over at Lightning Transport went above and beyond and took a drone and a few trucks out and sent us some video footage for us to create some homepage graphics from, which were a lot of fun to create together.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Startup Street on our company's new website. This group made it so easy to communicate ideas, they were very organized from the very first kickoff meeting. I would highly recommend them for whatever digital media needs you have.

We really took the branding aspect of Lightning Transport and doubled down on it.  Their green bolt of lightning and light blue was initially a challenging color scheme to work with but we worked together internally to visualize exactly what would work, and delivered a beautiful on target website that functions great.

We look forward to a bright and productive future with this amazing tech forward transportation company here in Tampa and can’t wait to see what we all can create together very soon!  Remember if you are interested in working with us for a Tampa Website Design project, we are just a few clicks away!  Contact us right now and let’s see what we can create together!

It's a perfect match



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