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About half of all inquiries we get are around the topic of “I need help with social media”.. This usually is a result of one or more of the following three issues:

  1. Lack of Understanding What to Post.
  2. Lack of Time to Post.

Startup Street offers two packages for these issues:

Startup Street Social Media Consultation

Spend a half day together and develop an easy to follow list of what to post, where to post it and on what days.  This can be both super helpful and also assure that you are maximizing your social media accounts for the best return of your time.  Solutions to the following (these are unique to your company.  Keep in mind we want the most authentic content possible, otherwise there is no point in doing it):

This is a fantastic consultation and you can get this set up by simply filling out the form HERE.

Startup Street “All-In-One” Content Package

This is by far the best content package on the market right now.  Each month you will get the following (we can post as well):

The reason this content package is so impressive is that your image and marketing matter, and this puts you at the front of your industry overnight.   If you are interested please fill out the form HERE and someone from our team will be in touch immediately.

HEre's what to expect...

1. Strategy Session

Determine your goals including but not limited to: Product/Services margins, current social and website statistics/traffic, sales goals and initial concepts for content.

2. Execution

Dependent on whether you choose the Social Media Content Consultation or the All-in-One Content Package.  Please call for details.

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