Tampa Website Design Is Just What Lorynn Gavin Needed!!!

Lorynn Gavin went with our Tampa Website Company to deliver something amazing!

Lorynn Gavin came to Startup Street in need of a personal branding website for real estate agents that captured the essence of her personal brand she had built on her Instagram page.  She needed a website design that reflected who she was, helped to generate leads and would function smoothly with Follow Up Boss and RealScout, her two technology softwares of choice.  

Let’s dive in on how we incorporated our four pillars of website development – branding, organization, functionality and data reporting – into a truly amazing personal branding website design for real estate agents that has set Lorynn up for success!



Lorynn’s brand strategy was one based on approachability, knowledge and friendliness.  She had worked hard to craft that reputation in the industry, so the website needed to reflect the brand perfectly.  

The website aesthetics feature a combination of soft greens, whites and an elegant font (called Black Mango).  The finished product matches her existing Instagram account perfectly.  Lorynn had previously completed a lifestyle photography session, which was huge because imagery can make or break a personal branding website.  

Images were laid out across the site featuring slight and subtle animations, just enough to add to the experience without being overbearing (again, keeping the brand of “warm and approachable” in mind).  For some of the images we layered the green over the top, to push the color further and increase brand awareness. 

*** When you think of Startup Street, you think of orange, right?  This strategy is powerful for branding and works. 


Most real estate agents focus on the same three core elements of their business – working with sellers, working with buyers, and open houses.  Yes, every real estate agent should have a marketing strategy, but that is a separate strategy from this initial website design. 

On top of Lorynn’s focus on buyers, sellers and open houses, we also have call-to-actions for other important aspects of her business, including investing with Lorynn (targeting investors), joining her team (targeting other real estate agents) and her blog (content creation).


LorynnGavin.com was developed to provide ultimate ease of use for anyone looking to buy their first or next home, sell their existing home or search for open houses by neighborhood of choice.

Some of the other features installed for added functionality on Lorynn’s personal branding website include:

Pop Out Menu

Installed as a modern feature that places all information on one screen. Great for branding and ease of navigation. Lorynn’s pop out menu is an uber-clean, soft green layout that captures her brand perfectly.

Sticky Menu

Installed so that users always can view the menu while scrolling for ease of navigation. As they scroll, the menu remains at the top of the screen as opposed to disappearing.

Quick Contact Buttons

Installed on mobile so that users can easily make a call or contact company without having to look for the information. Two buttons - Call and Contact - remain at the bottom of the phone screen on mobile no matter where users head on the website. This is an absolute must for increasing conversions.

Google Analytics

Installed on the backend of the website for data tracking and monthly reports.

WP Rocket

Installed to increase website speed.


Lorynn utilizes two software options on her website, Real Scout and Follow Up Boss.

Real Scout

Real Scout is a state-of-the-art lead generation software that allows for users to search the MLS with ease along with other features.  

According to Real Scout: 

Reinsert yourself back at the center of the buyer experience with natural language listing alerts and a full-featured home search experience that rivals the national portals

Captivate potential home sellers with some of the highest converting home value alerts in the industry, chock-full of market data and nearby comps.

Real Scout also allows Lorynn to display her current listings along with her previous transactions.  Also, potential buyers on her website can navigate through upcoming open houses with ease as well, with Lorynn receiving information on them as they do.  

The Real Scout technology was synced and – after some troubleshooting – operates flawlessly.  All too often real estate agents and brokerages end up with websites that do not operate with their IDX/Lead Generation/CRM technologies functioning properly.  This is an area that Startup Street excels at, due to it’s overwhelming importance in growing your business.

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a popular choice for real estate agents looking to stay in touch with both prospects and previous clients, helping to close more deals and generate more referrals. 

All of Lorynn’s forms were synced with Follow Up Boss, assuring her that whenever someone does inquire, they are receiving information immediately and able to take the next steps in an automated, hands off process.


Lorynn’s website came out absolutely amazing and has placed her brand above the rest by having a beautiful, professionally designed website that captures the essence of who she is, what she does and why she is the right choice.  

We’re extremely happy with his website design, both in terms of the finished product and also the ease at which is was accomplished through our Startup Street Website Development Process

Investing in a personal branding website for real estate agents is a powerful way to separate yourself from the rest in a hyper-competitive market.  Most top agents have invested in this area in some capacity, for many of the reasons discussed above. 

If you’re a real estate agent in need of personal branding, Startup Street would love to hear from you.  

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can elevate your brand, your leads and your career with a personal branding website for real estate agents.

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