Tampa Website Design works hard so Blue Wave can sustain our oceans!

Blue Wave was an exciting project for us here at Startup Street. We had an amazing opportunity to redesign their website to focus more on wholesale distributors while enforcing their brand.... FULL POST BELOW

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Tampa Website Design is making waves with Blue Wave.

How About A Redesign, a couple videos and better marketing???

Tampa Website Design is what you want if you are in Florida and work alongside our oceans. Blue Wave is a Reef and Ocean friendly boat and PWC cleaning product line.  They came to Startup Street with an out dated website that needed to be purposeful, impactful and modernized.  We were faced with a unique opportunity to deliver some of our best work that Startup Street has to offer to Blue Wave.  They have so much potential and an undiscovered image that we believe the world needs to see! It was time to get too work…

We had some key elements we wanted to integrate into the new site.  To start, the company was traditionally marketing directly to consumers.  Due to they internal success, it was time for Blue Wave to shift gears and focus more on wholesale distributors after their success with Land and Sea and West Marine.  Check out the video we created for Blue Wave to speak directly to potential and interested distributors:

After a long and tedious discovery of Blue Wave, it’s needs, what direction and functionality they required and many cups of coffee spent understanding their industry…we were ready to get to the design phase.  Here, all of the fonts, layout wireframes, colors and flow to the site is established.

One of the challenges we faced as developers was that Blue Wave wanted to focus on distributors, but also show direct consumers where Blue Wave products can be found in traditional brick and mortar stores. So we created the STORE LOCATOR page, where you can be interactive on a map to find the closest place to buy Blue Wave products!  Check it out, it came out really nice looking and Blue Wave was satisfied.

The entire process from discovery to finished product was an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone. Helping great companies like Blue Wave take their ideas out of their heads and on to the screen is something we pride ourselves on here at Startup Street. We absolutely love bringing your dreams to reality. If you are interested in anything that you have read or seen with how we helped Blue Wave, we would love to hear from you and all of your unique ideas to make an impact on the world! It’s what we do best!

See you on the next project, we can’t wait to show you what else we can do!

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