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Website development entails a lot more than simply understanding design.  Startup Street prides itself on understanding a company’s goals, how their company functions and which aspects of the company deserve the most focus.  When hiring a Tampa website development company, its important to look at both their portfolio and also ask about their knowledge of the industry.  With over 400 companies and 100+ startups under their belt, the team at Startup Street has you covered and would love to become your next website development partner.


Wholistic Medical Group had already established itself as a leader in the holistic medicine field throughout the Tampa area when they approached Startup Street about rebranding and reorganizing their website.  The current website was outdated, lacked vision, was not designed terribly well and most of the information was no longer relevant. 

Wholistic Medical Group required the following:

  • Website design that positioned the company as a top-tier medical solution
  • Organize the services, information and offer into an easy-to-understand experience


Brand Strategy:  The website development for Wholistic Medical Group was designed to be clean, easy to navigate and professional.  The content focused on a blend of information about the doctor, common symptoms and popular services.  Strong call-to-actions were placed throughout the website, along with ample information on hours of operation, processes and procedures and an elaborate FAQ section to address common questions. 

At the heart of the brand strategy was the extremely important concept of educating your audience.  Educate, educate, educate.

Note: There are some industries where creativity and pushing the design envelope are embraced and celebrated. There are others where this is not advised at all. The medical industry falls into the later. People’s decisions on their health are extremely important to them, and the patient/doctor relationship is a sacred one. In industries like medical, keep it clean, keep it simple and last but not least, keep it predictable yet professional.

Unique Design Elements:

Body Map:  While keeping the overall design of the website clean and professional was of the utmost importance, Startup Street and Wholistic Medical Group did decide to take a stab at creating an interactive body map on one of the subpages. 

A truly impressive piece on the website, the map showcases the human body and and allows users to mouse over various symptoms and see exactly where on the body they occur. 

The biggest challenge in this section was categorizing the entire body into four sections – and linking the parts within – in order to create an easy to understand experience and not confuse end users.


Symptoms:  As stated earlier, organizing various symptoms to their appropriate body parts was one of the more challenging aspects of the project, which were then categorized into the head area,  thoracic, abdomen and finally the reproductive urinary regions.

Note: For complicated services such as medical, organizing the information into the appropriate “buckets” - even when it doesn’t seem possible - is extremely important when trying to simplify the offer for end users. Always remember that YOU are the expert, but your customers are not. You HAVE to make it easy for them to understand what their problems are, and what you propose as the solutions.


  1. Pop Out Menu – The menu for Wholistic Medical Group was developed with a clean and professional appearance, featuring slight animation that helps create a unique experience without becoming overwhelming. 
  2. Sticky Menu – Installed so that users always can view the menu while scrolling for ease of navigation. As they scroll, the menu remains at the top of the screen as opposed to disappearing. 
  3. Quick Contact Buttons – Installed on mobile so that users can easily make a call or contact company without having to look for the information.  Two buttons – Call and Contact – remain at the bottom of the phone screen on mobile no matter where users head on the website. This is an absolute must  for increasing conversions.  
  4. Google Analytics – Installed for data tracking and monthly reports
  5. WP Rocket – Installed for site speed


At the completion of the website development project, Wholistic Medical Group finally had a website that conveyed the type of professionalism that their clients had come to appreciate over the years.

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