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The power of video is as real as ever these days.  It’s everyone.  Which is why your video production needs MORE of what makes great video.  More attitude. More personality. More edge.  Startup Street prides itself in bringing out the best in our clients and creating video work that your audience will rave about.

We don’t make your typical commercials.

We make AWESOME pieces that get attention.  If you don’t win, we don’t win. It’s that simple.

Video Marketing Portfolio

HEre's what to expect...

1. Strategy Session

We need to meet in order to establish your brand, your goals and vision for the videos, along with items needed.  Meeting in person or via Zoom. These meetings are a lot of fun and very productive.
Download typical template of Video Checklist HERE

2. Video Shoot
Time to get filming and have fun!
3. Video Editing & Delivered
Videos are edited according to needs and delivered via Dropbox.
4. Video Review
Final reviews and revisions of project.  Project re-delivered via Dropbox.

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