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CGS Enterprises had been serving the Pinellas and Hillsborough county areas for decades, delivering excellent services in the home remodeling and construction industries.  While their reputation and referrals carried them far, CGS realized that it was time to create a digital presence and expand their marketing efforts.  

CGS came to Startup Street in need of the following: 

  • Select domain name
  • Simple and clean website
  • Clean and professional logo
  • Organization and clarity on the services offered


Brand Strategy:  In order to not overcomplicate the project, the brand strategy was focused on simply presenting a company that was professional, well-organized and boasts a proven track record. Due to the issues with unlicensed contracting in the state of Florida, a strong emphasis was placed on both educating the public on licensing requirements and rules, along with elaborating on the history of the founder whom had previously served on the state board of licensing. 

The website design and logo development were developed to be clean, professional and easy to understand. Dark blue hues were used due to their trusted use in the industry, and the font selection was a simple, clean and modern approach.

Note: When it comes to branding, there are times to dive in and attempt to unlock hidden potential, and others where it’s best to just stick to what a company is already doing and polish it up.

Unique Design Elements:

Domain Name:  It’s not uncommon for an established company or a startup to have their name selected, but then realize most of the domain names are already taken.  When this happens, we sometimes need to get creative with the domain name.  In the case of CGS (CGS Enterprises Inc), BuildwithCGS.com was chosen due to its modern feel and the fact it speaks directly to what the company does. 

Services Offered:  While CGS had established itself as a versatile, able-to-handle-anything general contractor, the company needed to organize it’s services into an easy-to-understand line up that end users could make sense of easily, and help them get to the appropriate place on the website.  

Through discussion, it was determined that the remodeling, additions and new construction would be best as the top three service categories, with all other services falling underneath them.

Note: Organizing your services/offer into “buckets’ is an extremely important aspect of not just a great website, but being able to communicate your company effectively. Pretty websites with the information all over the place do not convert. There’s a reason that Startup Street harps on organizing the information so much… It makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!.

Company Features/Benefits:  General Contractors are expected to do the job correctly, but what else is there to a successful experience for the customer?  We decided to go with a values-driven approach that centered around the four key concepts of attention to detail, respectful workplace, clear communication and a commitment to going above and beyond. 

Financing: Ask 10 people if they’d love to remodel their home, put on an addition or build their dream home, and you’ll probably get ten excited answers of YES!!  That being said, this thought process usually gets gummed up once the top of “ok, how am I going to afford this” comes up.  

With that in mind, Startup Street partnered CGS with one of our preferred lenders, and placed the appropriate call-to-actions throughout the site to help drive traffic.  The lender knows if the leads come from CGS, and CGS is now able to help homeowners and prospects finance their next move.  Win/win.

Note: The ability to tie in referral sources and added support in order to help your customers achieve their goals can be a great addition to any website. Financing is a typical method used by many. Another option for a general contractor could be interior design referrals to help visualize the project. Try to think of what other services your customers could use to help them gain better clarity, and structure these programs around them.


  1. Sticky Menu- Installed so that users always can view the menu while scrolling for ease of navigation. As they scroll, the menu remains at the top of the screen as opposed to disappearing. 
  2. Quick Contact Buttons- Installed on mobile so that users can easily make a call or contact company without having to look for the information.  Two buttons – Call and Contact – remain at the bottom of the phone screen on mobile no matter where users head on the website. This is an absolute must  for increasing conversions.  
  3. Google Analytics – Installed for data tracking and monthly reports
  4. WP Rocket – Installed for site speed
  5. Emails:  Startup Street set up the company emails for CGS via Google Workplaces.


Startup Street is extremely proud of how the website development for BuildwithCGS.com came out.  The website is professional, it’s easy to navigate and the design style resonates with the appropriate audience.

Startup Consulting

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If your company has been doing well, and you feel that it’s time to take your online presence to the next level, feel to reach out and let’s see what’s possible! Feel free to email us at contact@thestartupstreet.com or schedule your free consultation below by contacting us.

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