We’re a full service marketing/business development company.  Marketing that includes social media marketing, branding, video marketing and podcasting.  We create a handful of business plans a year and also offer consulting/help in other areas of your business.  Schedule a Startup Street Free Consult HERE

Yes, we can handle the postings.  Some clients prefer we create the content and they post, while others want 100% of it completed for them. Check out our packages for social media HERE.

This is dependent on your industry and your goals.  A good rule of thumb is Facebook, Instagram, Linked In and Youtube.  Others should be considered according to your goals.

We can do the SEO research and get your site coded properly according to the areas you would like to rank.  After that, driving traffic is determined by your budgets and goals.

Branding encompasses many aspects of your business, including your content, your name/ logo/messaging, what you stand for and the problems you hope to solve in the marketplace.  Your best bet is to schedule a quick meeting so we can see what our options are. HERE

Generally it takes about 4-6 weeks to complete a website from start to finish (expedited options available).  This depends on quite a few factors.  You can find more information on our website packages HERE.
I’m looking to buy/sell a business? Startup Street has several relationships with sellers and buyers and can help either source buyers or get your business sold.  Please email us for more information on this at info@thestartupstreet.com

We create a wide variety of video content including shorter videos for social media, promotional videos for websites and informational/educational videos for entrepreneurs. Our favorite videos (we are best nationally at these) are our Day-In-the-Life Vlogs (link). You can get all these every months with our All-In-One Content Package (link).

Startup Street can take you from conception to launch. You can check out our business plan packages HERE.

We get this and it’s completely normal to go through this!! Let’s talk and see what we can do! Shoot us a message HERE.

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