Startup Business Plans

Our startup business plans are a detailed analysis of your company, your vision and your goals, including a written document, a roadmap and in-depth financial modeling to help you gain the clearest picture possible of your upcoming journey.  Business plans are tailored to either a bootstrapping approach or one that will require investment from outside parties. A must have for any startup in the Tampa Bay Area.

Common Items Included In Our Business Plans:

Pitch Deck & Deliverables for Startups

When launching your new company, you may need pitch decks to present to investors, brochures to hand to customers or professionally designed PDFs for your sales team.  Startup Street presents your offer in a clear and concise manner, with your brand standing out for maximum impact.

View Our Business Plan Pitch Deck HERE.


Launching a new startup means you need to develop your brand.  First and foremost, we work with you to understand what actually goes into a brand.  We then finalize the brand, and begin a plan on how to develop your brand visually (websites, logos, stationary, etc) and also emotionally (marketing).

Fundraising & Investors

New business ventures require outside funding in order to launch. Startup Street has a solid network of investors looking to invest in startups and newer companies of all types (not just technology).

You can check out our application for funding HERE.

Interested in investing in startups and small businesses?  Click HERE.

Entrepreneurship Is Everything!

Congratulations on making the decision to GO! Launching a new company is one of the most exciting and energizing things you will ever do. With over 400 businesses and 100+ startups under it’s belt, Startup Street is here to be your partner and help guide you on your way!

Startup Consulting For ANY Industry

Startup Street prides itself in the ability to work in any industry, with any type of company, anywhere in the country. With over 400 small businesses and 150+ startups, our experience brings the insight and knowledge you need to be successful. Our work speaks for itself!  Have a look below to discover more about what Startup Street can do for your project!

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