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Websites have changed a lot over the years, but the end goal remains the same.  Get your audience to DO SOMETHING.  That may be downloading free information, scheduling an appointment or purchasing a product.  All of which you need to be delivered in a clear and concise manner.

Websites need to deliver this message while also making a concerted effort to deliver your brand’s message as well.  What you stand for and the reason you do.

All websites include:

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The fantastic team being headed by Iris Green needed a new website that both captured the brand while also collecting the required information. Leads for the contact form are automatically loaded into their CRM.

Outfast Realty

The outdated website of Out Fast Realty & Investments was not doing their high energy, hit-it-hard company justice. Website was developed utilizing IDX Broker (Startup Street is a preferred vendor), who services help millions of agents around the globe. Listings auto-populate and agents collect leads as they come in. A great feel to the site that reflects the brand of this incredible company.



The largest real estate investment group in Florida needed a website that reflected the excitement of their organization, the benefits and incredible speakers that they featured. Apricot was integrated as the CRM and sales option. Overall a fantastic website


Websites that deliver

HEre's what to expect...

Entire project usually takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Expedited options are available. 

1. Strategy Session

We need to meet in order to establish your brand, your goals and vision for the company down the road.  Also need to determine the items needed. These meetings are a lot of fun and very productive.  Download typical template of Website Checklist HERE.

2. Homepage Development

Startup Street creates your initial home page, complete with the key focus items, the look and feel of the site, and your main CTAs (Call to Actions- What do we want your visitors to do).

3. Mid Way Meeting

Another meeting to both review the homepage, and also establish the topics/wording/images for other pages throughout the website. 

4. Remaining Page Development

 The rest of the site is created, along with any revisions to the home page.

5. Website Completion/Review:

Final meeting to over the website and get all parties on the same page. 

6. Website Launch

Website is completed and launched, and educational materials are delivered to help you make minor changes. 

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