4 Hidden - Yet Crucial - Benefits of a Great Website

4 Hidden - Yet Crucial - Benefits of a Great Website

All too often, business owners tend to look at their website as simply something that needed to be completed and checked off.  Kind of like upgrading some equipment. Or getting a haircut. 

Unfortunately, on top of probably costing you tens of thousands of dollars every year in lost opportunity, a poorly designed and/or functioning website also makes your life more difficult in other areas of your company.  Critical areas that you NEED to be performing well if growth is the goal. 

Here’s three areas of your company that your lackluster website design and/or organization is affecting, and you most likely don’t even realize it. 

Talent Recruitment:  When someone is looking for a new job, or inquiring about an existing opportunity with your company, where do you think they are heading first?  That’s right, your website.   Ask yourself this… when they get there, what are they thinking? 

Does the company look exciting, well ran and provide the type of vibe they are looking for?  Or does it look like it’s a mess and no one really puts much effort into things?  

While YOU know it’s not reflective of your company, they don’t.  Nor should they, since it’s 2023 and there’s really no reason why your “ground-zero for everything” looks like no one really cares. 

If your site looks like a joke, talent is going to think your entire operation is a joke.  This is simply human nature and there is no getting around it. 

PS- Keep in mind, in either case of inquiring with or without an open opportunity, talent is looking at all of your competition as well.  This only compounds the point being made here, which is your website is a direct reflection of your company in the eyes of talent. 

Talent Retention:  “Our website is really bad.  It’s such a mess”..  Hearing employees say this is never a good thing.  You really want them out promoting the company and being proud of the culture, right?  While you may think the website is fine, chances are many of your employees may feel differently (usually the younger ones).  If your company is having organizational issues and is hectic (all normal problems btw), that eyesore of a website is only compounding your team’s view that this company is a circus.  

Fix it and give them something they’ll be proud to tell people about!   Who knows, maybe they’ll start contributing in ways you didn’t think possible. 

Bargain Shoppers:  Do you find yourself constantly being bombarded with people “looking for a deal”?  Or people inquiring and expecting a price point that would probably lead to losing your company if you offered it?  

Instead of wondering why, try checking our your website and doing a comparative analysis of your industry leaders.  Are you portraying an image that is clearly top of the market?  Or have you thrown it together (or as stated previously, just “checked it off” and forgotten about it) and given the impression that “this guy probably needs the work”? 

If you’re selling a product for those who are looking for the best, then you’ll probably want to start portraying that.  Otherwise those who do want the best will skip right over you, and the rest of the pack will waste your time with endless inquiries hoping for a price you don’t offer. 


So there you have it, three areas of your company that can immediately be upgraded (outside of the obvious lost sales) once you decide to get your website up to par with the amazing company you are building/have built.  

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