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What To Expect...

Awesome videos, badass photography & visuals, and the kind of social media you can be proud of.  Kick in ongoing marketing and business consulting, and you’re on your way to a brand. 

Branding is what separates your company from the rest.  It sets you apart, makes customers want to rock your t shirts, and creates the type of fan base you’ve always wanted.

It creates your following and makes people proud to work with you or buy your product. In other words, developing a brand gives you the type of company you need.


What We Offer

This is a multi-month program that is developed with ROI in mind. It’s a lot of fun and well worth it. Brands don’t create themselves overnight but it’s always worth the effort.

Jeremy Griffin - Founder


The Brand Accelerator Package requires only ONE DAY of your time per month.  In just one day, you’ll be able to create an entire month of content, develop your brand and educate your audience on the current state of your company.  This is achieved through a very simple 3 step process.


We develop your “day of” itinerary, making sure that it’s packed from start to finish. The more we have to work with, the better our chances are of making some incredible content.


The day has arrived and it’s time to have some fun!! We’ll be discussing products, visiting various locations and clients, and all sorts of other items that we decided on together. Let’s grab a ton of footage and get some great photography. These days go by fast and if you’re not use to having a camera follow you around, you’re going to love it.


Once the day is done, Startup Street gets to work editing the videos and photography with your brand in mind. This takes a minute, but once done we start loading up your website, your social media and anywhere else we decided was a priority.

Once this package is completed, it’s pretty amazing that it was all created in one day.  The reason we are so proud of this “one day” commitment is because we realize that YOU’RE BUSY and have limited time to focus on these things.  We developed this package with that in mind.



What's Included?

Over the course of one day – assuming we schedule it tight – it’s pretty amazing what we can accomplish.  Each day will be slightly different, but you can always count on the following content to be produced.

That’s A LOT of high quality content that is ALL on brand, enough to substantially fill up your social media feed and develop enough great content to keep your website happy.

Day-in-the-Life Vlog

This video is usually 5-10 minutes long, and is an incredible look into who you are, what  you do and what it’s like working with you.  It’s the ultimate branding tool.  There’s a reason why you’ve seen so many industry leaders do this!!

5 Short Videos

These videos are usually 30-180 seconds each, and can be testimonials, discussing new products, educating your audience on your industry or a slew of other items.

10+ Professionally Branded Photos

We pride ourselves on taking great photographs and turning them into the type of content you’ll love.

Hype Video

This 30-120 second promotional trailer is always one of our favs.  High energy, great music and showcases what you do with some grit and determination! To see some of our hype videos, keep scrolling!


Brand is Everything

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