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Anytime we get hired for website design, it’s always an exciting journey into the company’s operations, marketing strategy, and (of course) the brand.  Website design is a unique blend of creativity and business knowledge, and Startup Street prides itself on delivering both when the call comes.  We pride ourselves on being one of the website design companies in Tampa. Florida and look forward to a long term relationship with BuyMoreTime.com


Our website analysis is composed of three main sections: 

  • Problem/solution what did we do about it (make sure keyword is used)
  • Analysis of what we did
  • What we love/client loves about this website (make sure keyword is used)


BUYMORETIME contacted Startup Street in regards to a rebranding and reorganization of their website, Buymoretime.com.  The company specializes in servicing short term rentals (AirBNB) and was ready to take the next step in terms of developing their brand and streamlining their services through professional website development with Startup Street.


Brand Strategy:  Through extensive research and discussion, Startup Street developed a branding strategy that revolves around “3 Minute Response Time”, which was BUYMORETIME’s promise to be the most responsive and transparent management company around.  Flat rate pricing, upfront communication and yes, communication with guests, investors or anyone else at the drop of a dime.

Note: When developing a brand strategy for an existing company, there’s usually certain features and characteristics that are built into the company that the marketing company must take into consideration.  For example, with a company named BUYMORETIME, the concept of “time” was already built into the company’s name, which made developing the “3 Minute Response Promise” a no-brainer. 
Formalizing something that a company is already doing - into an official “package” - can be a powerful way of creating brand messaging that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Color palettes and Fonts:  By going all in on the existing green but designing the site using background images and better graphics, BUYMORETIME has an unmistakable look that will last longer in prospects minds.  Font selections were clean and modern, to help push the company further ahead in the end user’s experience.

Unique Design Elements

The website design of this project features several unique design elements, including: 

  • Redesigning various existing graphics for the technology section on the homepage and the technology page, which creates a more interesting user experience.  
  • Comparative Analysis: Rather than display the entire chart, the section was developed with a drop down feature, which helps with the user experience. 
  • Logo/Parallax: The logo is placed into the solid green section in the middle of the homepage, and only appears when scrolling is complete. 
  • Scrolling Carousel:  By displaying the preferred properties in a double row, scrolling carousel method, the website adds a new twist on the typical “grid style’ layout.


Organizing the Features/Benefits:  One of the more challenging aspects of the BUYMORETIME project was organizing the offer.  Startup Street needed to organize the features and benefits into a cohesive message, and did so by creating three “buckets” including Company Features/Benefits, Guest Services Features/Benefits and Client Support Features/Benefits.  This allows for people who are on the website to more easily understand what’s what.

Organizing the Pricing Packages:  Startup Street worked with BUYMORETIME to expand their packages, with the goal of landing larger clients while making sure the existing target market was still serviced.

Organizing the Target Markets:  Many times companies have multiple market subsets to service. BUYMORETIME was primarily servicing individual investors with their own AirBNBs, but had other clients in the property management sector as well.  

Through discussion, it was realized that a significant portion of their leads come from clients whom are already working with a similar company, but were looking for someone new.  With all of this said, the three market segments that were developed included DIY investors, Investors in need of a new company, and Property Managers looking to offload the maintenance and guest relation aspect of their short term rental contracts.

Comparative Analysis:  Startup Street developed a thorough comparative analysis that visualizes how BUYMORETIME compares to various competitors.  Visualizing the difference a company makes is one of the more powerful things any company or startup can do to help separate themselves.  As the saying goes… ‘Show Them What You’re Talking About”.

Note:  The ability to organize offers, target markets, pricing schedules and competitor analysis is something that Startup Street takes great pride in.  Most website design and development companies do not bring the business acumen that this requires, which is why Startup Street is able to provide the depth of service that’s needed to get startups and existing businesses to the next level.


  1. Pop Out Menu– Installed as a modern feature that places all information on one screen. Great for branding and ease of navigation. 
  2. Sticky Menu– Installed so that users always can view the menu while scrolling for ease of navigation. As they scroll, the menu remains at the top of the screen as opposed to disappearing. 
  3. Quick Contact Buttons– Installed on mobile so that users can easily make a call or contact company without having to look for the information.  Two buttons – Call and Contact – remain at the bottom of the phone screen on mobile no matter where users head on the website. This is an absolute must  for increasing conversions.  
  4. Google Analytics – Installed for data tracking and monthly reports
  5. WP Rocket – Installed for site speed


Leads and contact information for the website was synced with GoHighLevel.com, a solid company and the one that BUYMORETIME was currently using as it’s CRM.

Logo Design

The new logo design for BUYMORETIME was created with two goals; create a logo that represents the concept of time, and create a logo that is clean, simple, and looks like it belongs in the AppStore. 

By taking the outlines of a house, tweaking it, and place the clock hand inside through a modern approach, the team at Startup Street was able to create a logo that was clean and professional, while driving home the core aspects of the brand.


The website development project with BUYMORETIME was an amazing experience in both website design and business consulting to help clarify the items within the business.  It flows well, it’s easy to understand and most importantly it positions the company for growth. 

If your company has been doing well, and you feel that it’s time to take your online presence to the next level, feel to reach out and let’s see what’s possible! Feel free to email us at contact@thestartupstreet.com or schedule your free consultation below by contacting us.

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