Tampa Website Design company Startup Street helps short term rental investors Buy More Time.

Startup Street, a leading Tampa website design company, offers fresh new branding and website redesign services. With a strong call to action, they help new clients schedule appointments to achieve their goals. Learn how 'Buy More Time' owner praises the professionalism and expertise of Carlos and Jeremy from Startup Street.... FULL POST BELOW

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Empowering STR Investors: How Startup Street's Website Design Helps Buy More Time

When BUYMORETIME approached Startup Street, they already had a successful business but needed a full branding upgrade along with some streamlining of their offer and company information.

After the initial consultation, Startup Street went to work organizing the information and focusing on how to best categorize the offers, the target markets and the features/benefits of the company.

Startup Street redesigned the logo into a more sleek and appropriate design by merging a house and clock together, while making sure that the logo stayed clean and simple.

The rest of the website’s branding fell into place, with a strong focus on their primary bright green color but also allowing for plenty of whitespace as to not be overbearing.

The portfolio section on the website homepage features dual sliding carousels that travel in opposite directions, and once clicked the individual properties allow users to view the pictures or check out the listings live on Airbnb.

From Buymoretime.com:
"Andrew and Isaac bring years of real estate experience as both investors and property managers to BUYMORETIME, with a core focus on speed and premium guest care, which are best represented by BUYMORETIME’s commitment to flat fee pricing and also the 3 Minute Response Promise.  This promise assures both clients and guests that whatever the issue may be, the team at BUYMORETIME will be in touch in three minutes or less. Speed is of the essence in our industry, and we take this commitment seriously."

Significant Informational Organization/Development on this project included:

  • Developing 3 “buckets” of which all features and benefits will fall into.
  • Developing 3 “buckets” of clients of which self managed investors, investors looking for new management, and property managers fall under.
  • Developing the “3 Minute Response Promise’ to help drive home their promise of speedy communication
  • Developing a focus on technology that showcases the competencies of the company.

Logo Development

BUYMORETIME needed a new logo to replace their existing one, as it had became outdated as the company grew.  Startup Street developed a logo that was clean and modern, and captured the essence of what the company stands for.  By creating a unique combination of time and housing, BUYMORETIME now has a logo that is unique, drives home the brand and will create the identity they were looking for! 

All in all this website development came out absolutely amazing and we are grateful that BUYMORETIME gave us the opportunity to take their vision, add to it and create something amazing.

Taking existing brands and making them incredible is something we take great pride in at Startup Street, and we’d love for your website to be next!

It's a perfect match



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