This Tampa Website Design Converted Dreams Into Reality With MTAC!

Anytime we get hired for website design, it’s always an exciting journey into the company’s operations, marketing strategy, and (of course) the brand.  Website design is a unique blend of creativity and business knowledge, and Startup Street prides itself on delivering both when the call comes.  We pride ourselves on being one of the website design companies in Tampa. Florida and look forward to a long term relationship with Motel To Apartment Conversions.


Motel to Apartment Conversions (MTAC) reached out to Startup Street in need of a company that could update their brand and better organize their information on the website for potential investors.  The company had success in their business mission – raising money and converting motels into updated studio and one bedroom apartments – and was ready to create the type of brand experience they deserved. 

As with every website development project with Startup Street, the mission consisted of:

  • Determine the brand strategy and how to convey it
  • Organize the company information into an easy-to-understand manner
  • Develop a website that is functional and easy to navigate
  • Wrap it all into a great design


Brand Strategy:

Through an in-depth process of research and competitor analysis, Startup Street was able to determine some clear items that needed to be addressed, including developing the brand voice, better clarity on what the brand mission is, and what type of design would be needed in order to portray the brand image that MTAC desired. 

MTAC had already carved out a unique niche in the marketplace – converting motels to apartments – but needed to emotionally position the brand into a more exciting space while converting what they do and how they do it, better.

Color palettes and Fonts:  Neon blue was chosen to both show energy while also contrasting the previous black/white color palette nicely.  MTAC wanted a brand that was exciting yet still portrayed trust in order to continue to raise capital for upcoming projects. The website fonts of choice were modern sans-serif fonts, helping to develop the type of modern and professional look the company was going for.

Unique Design Elements:

The standout section of the website is the full width building with neon blue background that appears when scrolling and slowly overtakes the blue.  This section provides a legitimate “oh wow” experience for users, one that leaves an impression and helps solidify that the company is indeed awesome 🙂

Note: When creating “standout” sections of a website, it’s important to always remember that it’s a fine line between professional and cheesy. Too many times designers try to make something amazing and the end result is so overbearing - or so poorly executed - that the exact opposite of “awesome” was achieved.


Organizing the Offerings:  MTAC had previously completed multiple capital raising rounds for previous properties, along with having one open offer for an upcoming project in Houston, Texas.  Startup Street worked with MTAC to clarify the critical data points and numbers, and determine a templated approach to showcasing offers into the future.  (insert graphic with offers)

Note: While many companies have services that feature unique aspects more often than not, it’s important to develop rough informational templates to work from. This not only saves the company headaches and confusion down the road, but also helps present a more cohesive experience for end users as the company continues to add content to the website.

Organizing the Investment Strategy: Startup Street worked with MTAC to develop in-depth information on what their investment strategy consisted of, how it’s achieved and what type of deal structure they are interested in exploring.


  1. Double Call – To – Actions – Not every company has one simple call to action.  In the case of MTA – along with many others in the investment space – its wise to allow users the opportunity to begin the investment process online or (if they desire) hop on call with someone first.  Organizing double CTA’s in an easy to understand manner is crucial in these instances, as to not create confusion for the end user. MTAC features the same Double CTA at the end of every page, along with cross linking between the two on the Schedule a Call vs Invest pages. 
  2. Sticky Menu – Installed so that users always can view the menu while scrolling for ease of navigation. As they scroll, the menu remains at the top of the screen as opposed to disappearing. 
  3. Quick Contact Buttons – Installed on mobile so that users can easily make a call or contact company without having to look for the information.  Two buttons – Call and Contact – remain at the bottom of the phone screen on mobile no matter where users head on the website. This is an absolute must  for increasing conversions.  
  4. Google Analytics – Installed for data tracking and monthly reports
  5. WP Rocket – Installed for site speed


All in all, the rebranding of Motels to Apartments Conversions was a dramatic before and after, moving the company into a more legit and professional brand.

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