Website Development gets a workout with Bodies By Brock

This website development project challenged us here at Startup Street to deliver a stunning website that branded well, separated the client from the competition and drove leads to bring the client more business.... FULL POST BELOW

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Bodies by Brock

A website development project that put the sweat in to create something amazing.

Bodies By Brock needed a new website design that would bring leads and brand the company so that it stands out.  We listened, we cared and we delivered.  A beautifully laid out website that drives leads right to the clients phone so he can focus on whats important, coaching people through their fitness journey in life. 

Website development entails a lot more than simply understanding design.  Startup Street prides itself on understanding Bodies By Brock’s company’s goals, how their company functions and which aspects of the company deserve the most focus.  When hiring a website development company, its important to look at both their portfolio and also ask about their knowledge of the industry.  With over 400 companies and 100+ startups under their belt, the team at Startup Street has you covered and would love to become your next website development partner.  

Let’s explore how we handled this Bodies By Brock website…

Brock, a firefighter and paramedic is in the world of personal training. A very competitive world of personal training. So we wanted to give him something that allows him to stand out from the rest.  A visually appealing and function website that drove people to sign up for virtual training.  He had the green logo that stood out, so we themed out the rest of the site to match. 

Contrasting visuals mixed with prominent call to action buttons that drove end users to sign up…

Working with Startup Street to get the business ideas out of my head and on to a screen has been a very simple and enjoyable experience. These guys know what they are doing and I trust them, so I can focus on my own clients training programs.

I couldn't be happier with how the site came out and how professionally everything was handled. If you need your business ideas brought to life, then Startup Street is your go-to partners.

Client Testimonial

The site came out as one of our best and the client couldn’t be happier. Orders are flowing in and this website has proven itself to be a catalyst to changing peoples fitness lives!

We guarantee that the user experience for the website is pleasant, but we can’t guarantee that the fitness journey that the trainers over at Bodies By Brock wont cause a little soreness and pain!  

It's a perfect match



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